This Seasons Calendar


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• 14th January •

Note: One week LATER than normal!!!

Michael Poxon   -  Star Life (How stars are born, live and die)

4th February

Martin Hardcastle   -   Surveying the Sky for radio Galaxies

4th March

Paul Money    -  Voyager Part 2

1st April

Ann Bonell   -  Ladies of the Night

6th May

Mike Leggett   -  Astronomical Instrumentation before the Telescope

3rd June

Solar Sailing   -  Dr Matteo Ceriotti, from Glasgow University, will be joining us via Zoom, to talk to us about his work in Solar Sailing.

1st July

The Science of Armageddon   -  Jay Tate, Director of the Space Guard Centre and the National Near Earth Object Information Centre, will be telling us about his work tracking potentially hazardous asteroids.

5th August

Paul Fellows   -  The Hunt for Vulcan -- This will now be via Zoom meeting
Paul will talk to us about the possibility of a new planet being found, orbiting closer to the Sun than Mercury.-->

2nd September

Keith Townsend   -  Parker Solar Probe -The latest findings from this NASA project, launched three years ago and now on its 9th solar encounter. Meeing taking place at Sacrewell Farm but with Keith joining us via Zoom

7th October

Prof Paul Hough   -  Comets and the Rosetta Mission, bringing us up to date with the latest information from the European Space Agencies Rosetta Mission which arrived at its target in 2014.

4th November

Prof Brad Gibson   -   Giving us some insight into the ways in which the work of the astronomer affect our everyday lives.

Saturday 13th Autumn Star Party Tickets for attending available on Sacrewell website.

2nd December

19:00 - A.G.M. and Christmas Astronomy Quiz.