This Seasons Calendar


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• 10th January •

Note: One week LATER than normal!!!
Various Members   - Telescope Surgery, Bring your NEW, or old Telescope for help and advice.

• 7th February •

Phil Adams   -    NASA isn't the only agency with a space telescope!

• 7th March •

Keith Townsend   -  Moved to November
Messier Marathon

4th April

Julian Onions   - 
Cold Dark Matter - is it cold, dark or matter....?

2nd May

Matt Bothwell   - 
Exoplanets and life in the universe

• 6th June •

Bob Marriot   - 
Historical Talk: William Dawes and William Rutter Dawes

• 4th July •

Paul Money   - 
Voyager Part 1 - Jupiter and Saturn

1st August

Peter Jenkins   - 
Astrophotography, My Journey

5th September

Dr Peter Grimley   - 
Astronomical Rings and Disks

3rd October

Martin Braddock   - 
Future Concepts for Space Exploration and Colonisation - Life Jim But Not as we Know IT'

Keith Townsend   -  
Messier Marathon

5th December

19:00 - A.G.M.
19:30 - Christmas Party
Light Refreshments will be available