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• 13th January •

Note: One week LATER than normal!!!

Dr Julian Onions   -  Will be joining us for a beginners' session on the subject of astrophysics. So, what is a parsec anyway?

3rd February

Telescope Workshop   -   Had a telescope for Christmas, not sure how to use it or just have some astromomy questions. Come along and ask the society, We will answer where we can.

3rd March

Paul Fellows   -  Takes up the story of the discovery of planets beyond the solar system and describes how we have gone about tracking them down (One of which Paul has found himself)

5th March

Saturday 5th Spring Star Party Tickets for attending available on Sacrewell website.

7th April

TBC   -  A voyage of discovery as we search for the elusive Northern Lights, what are they? why do they occur? and how can we best see them?

5th May

Gary Poyner   -  an acknowledged expert in variable star observing, will give a brief account of the science behind a selection of Variable Stars, explain how to observe them and discuss the reasons why we observe them.

9th June

Note: One week LATER than normal due to Queen's Jubilee!!!

Nial Tanvir   -  Professor of Astronomy, at Leicester University and winner of the European Union Descartes Prize for Research, will tell us about his pioneering contributions to the study of gamma-ray burst

7th July

Mike Frost   -  Drawing the Line - This is the story of two men, one from the West Country, the other from County Durham, who drew a line across the North American continent.

4th August

Brad Gibson   -  How Astronomers control your life.

1st September

TBC   -  Pending

6th October

Bill Barton   -  Beer, Bread and Bolides: Alice Grace Cook (1877-1958)

3rd November

Jerry Stone   -   Pending

1st December

19:00 - A.G.M. and Christmas Astronomy Quiz - TBC.